Month: April 2015

Tattoos: A Part of Diversity or Unprofessional?

The millennial culture has the ability to change our work environments more than any other occurrence. They do not just add another group to diverse categories, they bring with them an air of individuality and an attitude that makes their arrival seem intriguing and arrogant at the same time. Millennials’ entrance into the workforce are making companies adjust their company culture to attract these young, talented professionals. They want competitive pay, more vacation time, and the company to be located in a city with entertainment and nightlife, plus a training program to move up the company ladder. More important than all those perks is the millennials desire to be comfortable in their own skin. This means embracing their diversity, both visible and non-visible, all while being proud of the characteristics that make them different. They want to work for a company that will appreciate their diversity and allow them to build their professional career.

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Why Diversity in the Workplace is B.S.

You have heard it all before. Diversity training does not work. It makes certain segments of your workforce feel neglected – mainly white, heterosexual men or your seasoned employees and blah blah blah …

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