Our Team

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I am diversity. From my race, gender and lifestyle choices, to being a young, small business owner and tackling economic issues, every area of my life intersects diversity.

I am the founder & CEO of DiversityConneX.com, the most innovative diversity recruitment platform on the market and Risha Grant LLC, formerly Xposure Inc., the only award-winning, full-service diversity communications consulting firm in Oklahoma.

Diversity has always been a passion of mine, my interest in societal isms like racism, sexism, classism and plain old stupidism began when I was very young. As I grew up in the big city of Sapulpa, Oklahoma, it became my personal mission to redefine the value of Diversity & Inclusion and shine the light on the economic impact it can create. Needless to say this mission has kept me pretty busy.

For more than 15 years I have combined my tenacity for business development, with my love for diversity and communications, to create a diversity communications consulting firm. It is my purpose to help people identify, own and move through their B.S. (Bias Synapse) to better their lives, increase their bottom line or both. To that end, I have raised more than half a million dollars toward D&I economic development and empowerment projects. I have met with Governors, Mayors, CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, and other business and community leaders to consult and discuss D&I communication and initiatives to catalyze change in our communities.

I know that people actually believe my B.S. because they have awarded me with numerous honors such as One of Four to Watch by the Tulsa World, one of the Most Influential African Americans in Tulsa and one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs by Engage Magazine. I have also been nominated for the Journal Record Woman of the Year award several times, among other awards and honors. I am a board director for the National Federation for Just Communities, and an executive board advisor for the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice and the Oklahoma Center for Non-Profits. I have been called many things throughout this journey, a diversity expert, an innovator, a trailblazer and even crazy, but my bottom line is simply, diversity personified. Period.

My Diversity You May Not See

– I am a divorced, ex-preacher’s wife

– I am borderline OCD about things being out of place

– I have a huge collection of Snoopy memorabilia, that my staff would like to be banned from the office.





I began with the parent company of DiversityConnex, Risha Grant LLC, (formerly Xposure Inc.) as a volunteer in 2010. Throughout my childhood, I have always fostered a desire to understand the mindsets and behaviors of others. Being the youngest of three sisters, who was allowed no opinion (they’ll try to deny it but it’s true), I developed empathy for those who did not share her beliefs and a desire to communicate effectively with those unlike me. My love for connecting with people combined with an affinity of writing and communications led me to the field of public relations. Upon graduating from Oklahoma State University (GO Pokes!) with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Broadcasting and a double major in public relations and news editorial, I stumbled upon what is now DiversityConneX and Risha Grant LLC, and found a career that I love and companies I can believe in. Even as a volunteer I worked to create strategic campaigns that would not only increase her client’s revenue, but also revolutionize the way their brand was perceived. I now serve as VP of Operations for DiversityConnex.

I am passionate about connecting diverse professionals with companies who will truly value them and change the way companies perceive and interact with diverse communities. My desire is to leave an indelible print on the world of communications and to impact the way society thinks about Diversity & Inclusion.

My Diversity You May Not See

– I am African American, Native American and Irish

– I almost qualified for a dwarfism scholarship in high school.

– I am a ninja (seriously) and I karate chop when I’m alone in a dark room to sharpen my skills.