About Us

D7TajgQaPDTVUfWYnEIMHaFao5n4_jKrfkjcSgOuODA (2)Hi, I’m Risha – the CEO & Founder of DiversityConneX.com.

I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and visit our website. On this site, we connect diverse professionals with companies, nonprofit and corporate boards, and internships.

For more than 15 years, I have worked in Diversity & Inclusion through my diversity communications and consulting firm, Risha Grant LLC. When I started my firm, our focus was on helping our clients to reach diverse consumers through marketing communications and public relations strategies but for the past few years, our client meetings began to focus on diversity recruitment. Our clients were concerned that they were not able to build a diverse workforce because they could not connect with diverse professionals.

DiversityConneX.com began as an ancillary product to RGLLC. Our goal was to build a large database of diverse professionals for our clients to utilize for their employment needs. We soon realized that DCX should be its own company.

Since then, we have worked hard to make sure you have a seamless user experience. We also took a lot of time to make sure our software makes recruitment and connection an easy process.

I am proud to announce that DiversityConneX.com is now the most innovative diversity recruitment platform on the market.  It matches our diverse professionals with companies, nonprofits and corporate boards, and internships based on their skills, values, workplace culture preferences and diversity.

As a diverse professional, I am very disturbed that nearly 50 percent of diverse professionals are less likely to be hired, even with a degree! When you sign up as a professional or company, you are helping us to “Fix the 50,” which is our social campaign to eliminate employment disparity. Diverse professionals do not want to be hired based solely on their diversity but they also do not want to be hindered because of it.

Please let me know how you like our website and what we can do to make it better!

Get In Where You Fit In,

Risha Grant – CEO & Founder

To find out more about the company that built DiversityConneX.com, visit www.RishaGrant.com.