Month: December 2015

Fix the 50 with

Last year, I attended the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s State of the State address. The keynote speaker was Oklahoma Governor, Mary Fallin. As Gov. Fallin spoke about our state, she excitedly focused on our 5.2 percent unemployment rate, which is among the lowest in the nation. She was boastful in how awesome we were doing in comparison to other states. As everyone clapped, I begin to get irritated, (even a little angry) because that number is not representative of all the residents in our great state.

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Three Mistakes Not to Make on a Job Interview

Only 2 percent of job candidates make it to the interview according to Robert Meier, President of Job Market Experts. That means, more than ever, job seekers have to be intentional about maximizing the interview. Interviews don’t have to be scary. You are simply answering questions about yourself. The more prepared you are, the better interview will go. These three things are common mistakes that applicants make in the interview. By understanding why they happen and learning how to overcome them, they will help you ace any job interview.

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Three Secrets To Mastering Your First 90 Days on the Job

When a president takes office, the first 100 days are widely considered the most important benchmark determining the success of their term. The same applies to a new employee’s first 90 days of employment. For many companies, your first three months are used as a testing period to review your work performance and  to examine how well you fit within the company culture. It is critical that you make the best impression during this time. If you focus on mastering one specific thing each month, you can make an incredible impact.

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Five Ways an Employer Can Be More Inclusive to Restored Citizens